• Industrial IT

    Development of IT solutions targeted at the customer's needs.

IT Development

When standard solutions are not enough

- this is the targeted development solution. Therefore, we develop programs based on the customer's specific needs.
When standard programs are not sufficient or profitable, specific targeted programs must be developed instead.

SETEK has extensive experience as a supplier of several different in-house developed software solutions.

Web development and desktop applications
Over time, we have developed a number of web solutions that have often been based on C# and ASP.net. The solutions have been everything from a small Windows Service to a full multi-user Desktop application with integration to SQL-servers.

SETEK Process & Data is an official Microsoft Partner

MES – Manufacturing Execution Systems

With a MES system, the overall ERP system can, for example, be linked together with one or more production facilities, which include both manual and automatic processes. In this way, an order can be transferred all the way out to the individual process and the system can show how far an order has come at any given time. These tools provide a great overview and the opportunity to locate bottlenecks in production. At the same time, costs and material consumption can be reduced and thus create greater competitiveness.

SETEK helps with the whole process - from idea to finished project.

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