Software and hardware - for processes and machines.

Den komplette automationsløsning

Vi er med hele vejen gennem projektet og leverer bla. følgende:

  • El-projektering

  • Sikkerhedsvurdering

  • Instrumentering

  • El-tavler

  • El-montage

  • PLC-programmering

  • SCADA/HMI-programmering

  • Rapportering

  • Indkøring og test

  • Dokumentation

  • Undervisning og brugertræning

Process Management

We understand the process

Automation solutions for the process industry are a core competence at SETEK.

We build, expand and service both large and small process plants with modern automation solutions, where high reliability, optimised energy consumption and easy operation are natural focal points.

With SETEK as a partner in automation projects, there is always a focus on finding solutions that meet the customer's requirements for both price, flexibility and performance.

Whether it is a small project with a stand-alone PLC, or it is a complex DCS-system for a large process plant, is subordinate - all tasks are important!

With their experience and specialist knowledge, our process programmers are experts in analysing and optimising processes and translating it into functional and stable software solutions.

Machine Control

Automation with care

SETEK has a very broad experience base in the machinery industry - from food processing to the production of wind turbines, from sorting systems with complex distribution algorithms to advanced handling systems with servo technology.

When we develop automation solutions for the machinery industry, we place emphasis on safety, speed and stability.
We contribute throughout the project process with our know-how and always try to familiarise ourselves thoroughly with the issues and challenges that characterise each industry.

With a stable team of experienced employees, we have a well-founded base of competencies as a basis for our solutions.

We have chosen to use exclusively the leading brands within PLC, SCADA, safety and Servo. That is why we are always at the forefront of new technologies for the benefit of the end user.

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