Test facility for ballast water

In 2019, SETEK Process & Data delivered electrical design, electrical panels, PLC and SCADA programming, commissioning and documentation to DHI's international test center.


DHI has an international test centre for ballast water treatment plants located in Hundested. The control of the plant had to be updated, and this was the task SETEK took care of for DHI.

This is a project that continues a long-standing collaboration between DHI and SETEK Process & Data.


SETEK's delivery included consulting, design and a completely new PLC and SCADA / HMI system including programming, testing and commissioning.

The installation work was carried out by the local electrical installer with SETEK as advisor and coordinator in connection with installation for the many different special instruments in the system.

The control on both the hardware and software side is primarily based on Siemens components. The central part consists of an ET200SP PLC with a WinCC SCADA system. In addition, there are a total of 7 control stations, each equipped with a LOGO PLC and a KTP400 panel.


Commissioned year:2019
Deliveries:Design, electrical panels, PLC, SCADA, testing and documentation

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